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Are Standing Desks Really That Great?

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Anyone who is required to spend long hours working at their desks; hunched over in the same position, can attest to the pains of such an experience. By the end of the day (or even before), your muscles can begin to ache. You can try and stretch your limbs and even attempt some jumps in order to feel better. But often the muscle ache refuses to go away for hours. Usually, only a restful night’s sleep can bring some relief and then you need to start all over again.

The solution to this very common problem is to use a standing (sit-stand) desk instead of your regular uncomfortable office furniture.

Here’s a look at what really makes standing desks really great equipment for workplaces.

Health Benefits

It’s about standing vs. sitting (all day).

Movement makes everyone feel better. You really don’t need to look at any research to know this little fact. When you stand up after a few hours of working on your desk in a sitting position, you instantly feel better.

Why do we feel like stretching our muscles after long hours of sitting – be it at the office desk or just about anywhere (driving, airplane journeys, or even just sitting on the couch for hours at a time)?

Why does it feel good to stand?

Pain relief –

Standing for a few hours can help reduce back, shoulder, and general muscle pain. When you spend a few hours every day working on a standing desk, you begin to feel relief from pain within a few weeks.

Prolonged sitting can cause lower back pain, and it can become chronic within a short amount of time. A constant hunched over position when you work on a computer or small tools can cause shoulder and neck pain that can simply refuse to go away. After all, it is not always possible to keep track of your posture while you are focused on your work.

When you work on a standing desk, you can experience relief from such pain in a short time. With continued use, you can enjoy pain-free days and focus more on your work.

Weight management –

Prolonged sitting can cause weight gain especially in people who suffer from sluggish metabolism. All activities, even sitting, utilize calories from the body. But standing for a few hours can help you burn more calories than doing the same amount of work in a sitting position. Such weight gain occurs over some time; often without you realizing that it’s happening.

Better overall health –

Standing for a few hours can regulate your blood pressure and improve your cardiac health. It can also lower sugar levels in your blood, especially after your lunch. When you sit right after a meal, it can adversely impact your blood sugar levels and cause lifestyle diseases such as diabetes.

Standing for a few hours every day can also improve your mood when you get to enjoy so many health benefits. Good health can lead to more productive hours for everyone involved in a project.

Ease of Use

Yes, the use of standing desks offers several health benefits. But these desks are also excellent to have in the office due to their ease of use.

You can customize the desks for your employees. For instance, if you need a standing desk for tall person, you can get one designed with your desired specifications.

You can also easily adjust the elevations for sitting and standing positions and simply utilize the preset memory settings in quality standing desks. With just a push of a button, you can adjust the desk to your perfect elevation. Some desk designs allow users to set multiple elevation settings where you can simply assign a number to each specification and use as needed.

You can invest in dual motor standing desks for superior sturdiness. You won’t need to worry about using 2-3 monitors atop a quality dual motor standing desk that can handle about 300 lbs of weight easily.

Standing desks are also easy to assemble and are made with streamlined designs to suit every type of workspace. Now, these are some impressive reasons to use a standing desk.

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