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Before Buying Rustic Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets

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Bathroom acts as a personal den for every individual and it is probably the only place where you can totally be yourself. Therefore, the feel of your bathroom should be totally soothing and calming. It is important that you give due attention while buying the rustic bathroom cabinets and vanities for the area. Nowadays, both comfort and aesthetics are given priority while picking any fittings. You would want comfort of convenience for your body, while your eyes will always bulge over the aesthetics. Bathroom vanities are designed specifically for our generation. These vanities are user-friendly and delightfully unique in design. Usually, these vanities come in styles that are different, innovative and practical.

Rustic bathroom cabinets are made with old barn wood and corrals, which is reclaimed and redesigned to offer solid, thick, long-lasting and durable build quality. This wood is modulated, carved and reshaped into unique and rustic vanities and bathroom cabinets. Rustic vanities are inspired by the Elizabethan or Renaissance age. This age belonged some of the most famous artists of all times, Hilliard and Shakespeare and few of the best artistic innovations, like allegory and fresco. Though, the designs of these bathroom vanities offer the vintage look, but they also offer the touch of modernity with their convenient layout. Our modern life has embraced this twin identity by desiring both contemporary as well as the ancient; both in our personality as well as in our material belongings.

However, before buying bathroom vanities one should look at its characteristics and compare it with other available bathroom accessories. Below are a few pointers to keep in mind before buying Before Buying Rustic Bathroom Vanities and Cabinetsrustic bathroom vanities and cabinets:

•  Material

Rustic bathroom vanities are made from 100% kiln dried pine and with reclaimed barn wood. This wood is collected from old stables, barns and corrals and transformed into interesting bathroom vanities. This ensures that you get the durability of olden wood, modern design and unique and interesting bathroom fixture. These vanities are also polished with wax and come with a water resistant base.

•  Water Resistance

One important feature that you should always consider while buying your bathroom accessories, like drawer vanity, barn door vanity, dressers, sink vanity and consoles, etc is its water resistance. As your bathroom vanity is installed in the bathroom and comes in contact with water very often, it is mandatory that it is made with water proof material. Though, many manufacturers claim to offer their products with water resistant properties, but they are not always completely water resistant. One way to completely ensure the water resistance of your vanity is to confirm that it is shielded with polyurethane.

•  Durability

As you know that rustic cabinets are made with old wood that is taken from old barns, stables and corrals; you can always be sure about the durability of this wood. This wood has already taken all toils and survived hails, storms, winds and immense heat. This assures you that your product would last a lifetime. Also, as this wood might have some obvious marks of use, like old nail marks, holes, etc, it is then sealed using hand rubbed paste wax and thus resurfaces as new and reclaimed wood to be made into a vanity. These marks and rustic appeal will give your accessory a spectacular and stylish appearance.

•  Customized Design

As you are the one who will use your vanity the most, it is important that it is made to suit your need. For this, you can opt for customized pieces. Your vanity can be made according to your preference and in size, shape, design, color and structure of your choice. In this way, this handcrafted and hand painted product will satisfy your particular style statement and personal need. And all you have to do is to get such a customized piece is just place an order with a brand that offers customization.

So, go ahead and invest in unique and rustic bathroom vanity and create for yourself a personal element in your very own personal space.

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