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Benefits of an Adjustable Height Desk

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Office workstations are increasingly adapting to sit-stand work patterns that encourage employees to get out of their chair more often. Such an active work style is made possible by the use of stand-up or sit-stand desk with adjustable heights. These tables also come in a wide range of sizes and carry many additional features to promote ergonomic work postures. Be it for personal use in your home office or for a larger workforce in your office, investing in variable height desk offers your many benefits. Here are some important ones.

# 1 – Height adjustable desks help establish an active work style

Height adjustable sit-stand or stand-up desks are a boon for employees who do not have the time or flexibility to move out of their workstation intermittently. They allow you to take a break from your sedentary posture without leaving the work area. This ensures that you do not stress or tire your muscles from remaining in the same posture for long durations. By alternating positions every 30 minutes or so, you give your body the opportunity to stay active and thereby, healthy. This, in turn, reduces your risk of many health hazards including backaches, muscle strains, heart diseases, weight gain, obesity, and so on.

# 2 – The same desk can be used by more than one person

A height adjustable desk with multiple adjustment points caters to people who are really short as well as those who are really tall. This makes it possible for the same desk to be used by more than one person at a time. Motorized desks are a better choice for such needs as the person using the desk can tweak the workstation to the desired height without much effort. Height adjustable desks are especially helpful for small organizations that do not want to spend huge amounts of money in building a standing or sit-stand workstation for each of its employees.

# 3 – They help create ergonomic work conditions for all

An adjustable height desk, be it manual or electric powered, allows users to configure the workstation according to their needs. This saves the trouble that most workforce face when trying to adapt to workstations with fixed configurations, which are often not comfortable. An adjustable stand-up or sit-stand desk, on the other hand, encourages you to work using your body’s optimal ‘neutral posture’ – one where your body is at its strongest and most efficient.

# 4 – They improve productivity and reduce absenteeism

Healthy and happy employees form the backbone of an organization’s success. There is no doubt that height adjustable desks are way more comfortable than their traditional, fixed counterparts. Thanks to their adaptable and ergonomic-friendly configuration, such workstations also bring down incidences of injuries or illnesses arising from maintaining sedentary work positions for a prolonged time. The less sick your employees are, the lower the absenteeism and the better their productivity.

# 5 – The desks can be integrated into existing workstation with ease

Many people who consider investing in a height adjustable desk often worry that buying one would burn a hole in their pocket or require them to make drastic changes to their current workstations. This is not entirely true because there exist many add-ons, height adjustable tables that can be mounted over existing workstation to help convert them from a seated station to a standing workstation as and when desired. Another benefit of such add-ons is that they can be fitted on to any workstation with ease and carried around in a hassle-free manner. Such desks are also an ideal choice for people who move around or travel often for work purposes and yet would like to carry their workstations with them wherever they go.

Adjustable height desks help create active, ergonomically designed workstations with ease. They bring down injuries and discomfort while boosting the health and productivity of the employees. The savings on improved working performance and workers’ compensations often offset the money spent on adding variable height desks into your workplace. The benefits of such desks outweigh the costs associated with them.

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