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Why You Should Choose Reclaimed Wood Furniture?

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Rustic is the new rave, and for home owners who are looking to add that touch of uniqueness, there is no better choice than reclaimed wood. Also known as old or recycled wood, this type of lumber is obtained from sources like railway tracks, old barns, demolished building, salvaged structures, and so on. They are also procured from trees that fall during a forest fire, or from floating logs and barges.

Benefits of Using Reclaimed Wood

Furniture made from salvaged wood has many advantages over mass produced ones. Here are a few of them

  • Distinct beauty – Each piece of reclaimed wood furniture has a character of its own. Unlike mass manufactured furniture, each piece made from salvaged lumber is different from the other and hence lends an exclusive and unique look and feel to dwelling spaces. Rustic appeal – Reclaimed wood is exposed to changing weather conditions like sun, rain, and snow, and hence bears the beauty of natural weathering. The different patterns that develop on the lumber makes it an apt choice for furniture built around rustic themes.
  • Environment friendliness – Salvaged wood is an eco-friendly option for people looking to remodel or refurbish their homes. Being obtained from demolished sources, or naturally fallen trees, this kind of lumber helps bring down deforestation and also reduce wooden waste. Buying handcrafted vanities of old wood helps promote local artisans and craftsmen, thus forging a community which promotes local business and small enterprises.
  • Strength and durability – Reclaimed wooden is often stronger and more durable than regular wood. This is because the lumber is exposed to varying weather conditions and hence undergoes multiple contractions and expansions naturally, before it matures. This kind of wood is less likely to cup or twist during manufacture, and is less prone to warp or split over use.
  • Source of creativity – Reclaimed wood is an excellent raw material to produce stunning furniture pieces with. The natural character of old wood makes interesting combinations with other materials like marble, metal, soapstone, leather etc. This type of lumber brings outs interesting compositions in furniture and interior design, and helps lend a raw appeal to abodes in a creative way.

Why You Should Choose Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Using Reclaimed Wooden Furniture at Home

Reclaimed wood can be into rustic themed homes with ease. Here are 5 such pieces that could be used to bring about a simple and unsophisticated charm.

  • Kitchen Island – Old wood helps bring a warm and endearing charm to kitchens. Counter tops, shelves, and islands made from this kind of lumber lend a simple, yet stunning beauty to this part of the house.
  • Bar Stools – Salvaged wood obtained from barns are the perfect choice for rustic bar stools. From simple wooden stools to those coupled with leather seats or horse saddles, bar stools look stunningly different and attractive when made from reclaimed wood. They add the perfect countryside charm to rustic styled bars and kitchen areas.
  • TV Consoles – TV consoles play an important part in lending a rustic charm to living rooms. A simple design made from a barn door, when placed against a solid colored wall, is sure to be the center of attraction in the living room. A dash of color or vibrant hues like red, blue and lime, is also an interesting option on TV consoles made from salvaged lumber.
  • Vanities – Vanities made from reclaimed wood have a certain charm that is capable of transforming the appearance of bathrooms and powder rooms. Old wood, especially those obtained from floating logs and barges are less prone to damage, and hence ideal for bathrooms. Such lumber requires minimal or no water proofing treatment, and hence is easy to use and maintain.
  • Outdoor tables – For home owners who worry that wooden tables may not work well in outdoor areas, reclaimed wood is the best bet. Owing to the natural weathering process, this kind of wood is better able to stand the changes in weather and also lasts longer. The natural grain, and brown hue complement the outdoors and transform it into warm and lovely place to relax and unwind in.

From bathrooms vanities to kitchen cabinets, table tops and bar stools, furniture of any kind can be built using reclaimed wood. The lumber is a great choice in redesigning and enhancing home interiors in a creative way.

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