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Good Tips for Choosing a Dual Motor Standing Desk for Your Office

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Standing work desks are the latest trend in office spaces. As many studies show, long hours of continued seating pose many health problems from body aches to severe injuries to muscles and other body parts. Sit-stand desks alleviate this problem by encouraging users to alternate between standing and seated positions at work, thus deriving the best of both worlds. Such worktables can range from simple, do-it-yourself tables to finely designed functional office furniture. The latter also often includes motorized tables for easy conversion and use. Here is more about one such kind of motorized desks – the dual motor standing desk – and some quick tips to keep in mind when selecting them for your office.

Check the strength, speed, and noise

Typically, dual motor standing desks tend to be stronger and more powerful than a single motor design, but this does not guarantee that all dual motor versions are made equal. Different products have different load or weight bearing capacities. Before you select a desk for your workplace, determine how much weight they table needs to hold and lift when converting into a standing table.  Cross-check this with the weight bearing specifications listed on the product to see if it matches your need. Similarly, check also for adjustment speeds. Different dual motor tables operate at different speeds and they typically tend to slow down when the weight on the desk nears maximum capacity. If you will be switching from seated to standing position often, look for a product that gives you consistent adjustment speed along with good load bearing properties, lest it becomes dysfunctional too soon. Also pay attention to the noise the motor makes. Desks that are too loud when in function can be irksome to your colleagues and eventually may get you stop using it altogether.

Look for good quality, reliable motors

A dual motor standing desk needs both of its motors to function properly for the desk to go up smoothly. If one of them dies, it becomes possible to lift just one side of the table. Also, dual motor tables use compact motors that may be less powerful than a single large motor. This helps from an aesthetic perspective as the motors can be hidden within the desk frame. However, ensure that using compact products does not compromise the usability of the desk. Cheaper versions of electronically controlled sit-stand desks typically use less powerful motors and may cause you trouble in the long run. To prevent this, check for the motor quality and reliability directly with the vendor or from other customers who have purchased the product. Look for well-known brands of motors as well as gears and other components as all of these contribute to the life of the desk. You could also request for repeated back to back demos to assess the product yourself.

Compare prices and features holistically

A typical electric height adjustable standing desk with dual motors ranges anywhere between $800 and $3000. While the main components like the gear and motors form major chunk of the price, other features too add to the cost. So, before you put a budget in place, determine what features you need your sit-stand desk to include. Many electronically controlled standing desks come with touch button height-adjustment for easy and precise operation. Some of them even have memory settings that allow you to configure height or other adjustments as per a person’s preference when they are fed into the system. This is especially useful in shared workspaces where more than one person uses the same standing desk during rotational shifts. Other features that are commonly seen include adjustable monitor arms for changing monitor depths and viewing angles, key board trays and footrests for shorter people, and anti-fatigue cushion mats that bring down aches associated with long durations of standing at work. You could even opt for chairs designed specifically for such workstations as they let you switch from seated to standing positions and vice versa, with ease.

Remember, quality matters over quantity and hence all considerations need to be taken note of when you select a dual motor standing desk for your workplace.

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