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Know the Different Types of Stand-Up Desks

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These days standing desks are popping up in offices all across the U.S. Although there is no concrete proof that stand-up desks offer health benefits still, they have found a place in the corporate world. Some studies have shown that stand up desks help negate the harmful effects of sitting too much and have impressive health benefits.

If you are interested in adding a few to your workplace, it is best that you know about the different types of stand-up desks so that you can choose the best stand up desk for your office.

Different types of stand-up desks

Standing desks are primarily of three types: fixed standing desks, height-adjustable standing desk, and desktop risers. Let’s have a look at each in detail.   

Fixed standing desks

As the name suggests, fixed standing desks are the standup desk with a fixed height. It means you cannot change the elevation of the desk. These desks are often mocked as ergonomically incorrect because you cannot adjust the height of the desk as per your requirement. A fixed standing desk is ideal when you design it specifically for someone or if you are buying it for your personal use. 

Fixed standing desks are cheaper than the height-adjustable standing desks. Many people purchase this type of desk for their personal use. The fixed standing desk has many advantages. It can be modified easily. You can add shelves to your stand up desk to place books and other items. Drawer and small cabinets can be added to the stand-up desk to use the empty space beneath the desk.   

Height adjustable standing desks

The most popular type of standing desk is height adjustable standing desk or sit-stand desk. This type of desk allows you to change the elevation of the desk. You can easily switch from sitting to standing. You can set the height of the desk to pre-set up elevations. This makes a height-adjustable standing desk best stand up desk for office use because many people are going to use the desk. Hence, they can adjust the height of the desk as per their requirement. It allows users to quickly and easily change the height of the desk, keeping all of your gear such as a keyboard, laptop, screen, reference materials, and other items in the same place. 

Height adjustable standing desks are of two types: electric powered sit-stand desks and hand crank sit-stand desks. Hand crank sit-stand desk uses a rotary crank to raise and lower the surface of the desk. Hand-cranked desks are cheap because they do not use specialized motors and control system of the powered variants, but you have to manually crank the desk to adjust the height. They’re also much lighter and easier to move around. On the other hand, electric powered standing desk uses electric motors to raise or lower the surface of the desk from the minimum height to maximum in only a few seconds, without the time-consuming and tiring effort of a crank. It is easy to use and every time set the height exactly to pre-set up elevations. More importantly, it does not make a loud noise like a hand-crank sit-stand desk while raising or lowering. It can give you consistent levels for sitting and standing, minimizing the need of the user to make small adjustments each time. You can set the elevation of stand up desk to pre-set up levels, which makes it ideal for office use where many people use a desk.       

Desktop risers

Desktop risers are adjustable units that you place on top of your existing desk to elevate your monitor, laptop, and keyboard. They give you the option of standing without moving your current desk. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Most desktop raisers are foldable, which makes them portable. If you are someone who keeps changing position, you can buy a desktop riser. You can take it everywhere you go. They are the least expensive among all three options. If you are looking for a budget option of standing desk for personal use, the desktop riser can be a good choice for you, but its functions will be limited.

So these are the three types of stand up desks. Choose the best stand up desk as per your needs.

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