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Make Your Bathroom Special with Some Unique Bathroom Vanities

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There are no fixed rules when it comes to selecting your bathroom vanity, however they are the main feature in your bathroom and play an important role in making or breaking the feel of it. Two main things are that it should have enough storage space and it should look good in your bathroom. Nowadays, a huge range of vanities is available in the market and the choices are endless. Modern vs Rustic look, Laminated vs Reclaimed furniture, Readymade vs Customized option – with so many decisions to be taken, selecting the right bathroom vanity can be a daunting task. Here are some of the factors that you should consider while buying a vanity for your bathroom makeover:

screenshot-www foxdendecor com 2015-06-28 19-10-03-Optimized•  Placement

You should place the vanity in a way that it does not interfere with your movement in the bathroom or obstruct the entry door or the shower door. Its placement should also allow easy access to all the surrounding areas for cleaning purposes. Another thing to keep in account is that there is some space above the vanity, so that you can mount the mirror and wall cabinets.

•  Plumbing

This is another crucial element to consider while investing in unique bathroom vanities. If your plumbing is done according to a floor mounted vanity, then buying a wall mounted vanity will mean changing your bathroom’s plumbing and rerouting pipes and drains to install the new vanity.

•  Storage

Always premeditate on what all you want to keep in your vanity. By knowing the expected stuff you intend to place in your vanity, you can decide the kind of storage you will require. A good way to do this is to make an inventory of what you stock up in your present cabinet. Then identify the things that you do not actually use and organize the remaining items according to the frequency of need. This will help you determine what you actually require and how to place it in your new cabinet. It is also advised that you add 20% of buffer space while selecting your new cabinet according to your current needs. Nowadays, the most popular choice in vanities is the hanging ones with many drawers as they provide sufficient storage without taking too much space.

•  Materials

Your bathroom hosts wet and humid environs, which can harm the vanity if it is not made of good quality suitable material. It is always advisable to opt for materials like laminates, wood veneer and thermofoil. Nowadays, some manufacturers are also using reclaimed wood for their products. Though usually the wood of the vanity is properly sealed and lacquered, but if water remains standing on the surface, it can still harm your fixture. Therefore, it is essential that the vanity top is easy to clean and maintain. If you are building your bathroom from the scratch, it is always suggested that you buy your vanity first and then match the tiles and fittings accordingly.

•  Height

The height at which your vanity should be mounted is based on the height of people who will use it. It should neither be too high nor too low. Usually vanities are 32 inches high but with the modern styles of sinks, it is advisable to go for 34 to 35 inches of height.

•  Size

Always keep the area of your bathroom in mind, while selecting the size of your vanity. No matter how much you like a huge vanity, cramming it up in a small bathroom, will make it look very weird and ugly. As a general rule, vanities in the regularly used bathrooms should be at least 24 inches wide and 21 inches deep.

•  Customized

Though a huge variety of vanities, in various materials and finishes are available in the market, but still many people prefer opting for customized pieces. In addition to choosing your own material, design and style, you can also opt for deeper bowls, electricity points, and some extra lights in your vanity, while going for a customized piece. You can also shop online for the best deals or contribute to nature by choosing reclaimed furniture.

With the above guidelines at hand, you can easily get a bathroom vanity (, which proves to be a perfect combination of functionality and décor for your bathroom. So, go ahead and get a unique cabinet to change the entire look and feel of the area and keep your utilities in style!

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