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Reclaimed Wood Furniture: Things to Know Before Buying

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Interior décor is not just a mix match of colors or stuffing your home with things you keep on buying compulsively. Interior décor is all about giving an identity to your home and telling a story through the items you use and the colors you try out. The décor items have to be unique, attractive and become conversation topics for guests and friends. Furniture made out of reclaimed wood fit into the bill perfectly as they are unique, attractive and definitely has a story to tell. Reclaimed wood is something that is used before and bought from the previous users, or pieces of wood from a furniture you previously owned or wood that has a lot of history and sold to you by reclaimed wood furniture vendors. There are wood types that age well with time and develop a rustic appearance and show out their scars, knots and dents. We will discuss about reclaimed wood furniture characteristics, appearance, nature and also list out a few buying tips. Read on for more.

1. Reclaimed wood is imperfect

If you are obsessed about perfection and like things that look flawless without any imperfections or flaws, maybe reclaimed wood furniture is not for you. Reclaimed wood not only come with stories and memories but also with a lot of imperfections too. Since the wood reused once used to be a part of some other furniture, grains, knots, scars, small patches, dents, spills, nail holes and mineral deposits are something that you have to expect from reclaimed wood. In fact, it is these imperfections that make the furniture look that it has a history and was once used by people you might or might not know. Normally, the wood is very durable and hence, there are high chances that it has been used for many years and a legacy is attached to it, about the places it has been and the people that once depended on it.

2. They are excellent conversation topics

Reclaimed wood furniture are excellent interior décor items that draw immediate attention and prompt the viewer to ask questions or prompt the owner himself to share the story behind the purchase. Many reclaimed wood furniture have interesting histories of their own and if you are sort of collecting furniture made of reclaimed wood, you can have a themed furniture setup and might as well take your guests around the house and tell interesting stories. However, in order to do all this you need to gather a lot of details from your vendor about the past owners and the history attached with the wood. Even if the wood is not associated with something or someone that is great or remarkable, every reclaimed wood furniture will have a story attached to it and how it ended up at your place.

3. Surroundings

Before you buy reclaimed wood furniture, just take a look at the surroundings it will be in and keep the interior design theme that flows throughout the house in your mind. For the interior design to look good and for the furniture to blend with its surroundings and create a distinct space for itself, there has to be rhythmic flow across the room to which the new furniture has to adhere. Be it the color or finishing; go for something that is compatible and as per your taste. Furniture made out of reclaimed wood is very unique from the other and sometimes you may not be able to perfectly match the furniture with its surroundings. But it is fine as long as you know what you are doing and have knack for mix and match, like rustic furniture inside a contemporary house.

4. Size

Lastly, the size of the reclaimed wood furniture also becomes a matter of concern while buying. In order to decide the size you want, ensure you have enough space to accommodate the piece and assign some space you think will serve the purpose. If the room is already stuffed and there is less space to move around, don’t go for a bulky furniture piece as it consumes a lot of space and blocks the space to move around.

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