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Rustic Bar Stool Making a Smooth Blend of Sophistication

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A bar or kitchen counter is incomplete without bar stools. There are many designs and styles of this furniture piece that is available in the market, of which rustic bar stools are a popular choice. They bring a smooth and sophisticated appeal that blends in perfectly with the ambience of the kitchen and the bar. Made from wood or metal, these seating objects enhance the aesthetic appeal of these spaces meant for food and drink. As you unwind after a long and tiring day at work, these rustic bar stools set the perfect ambience and let you de-stress and relax.

How to select a rustic bar stool for your home

You may want just a couple of or many of them, but when picking bar stools, here are a few things to consider.

  • Bar stools, though furniture pieces, are an important part of interior design and décor as well. Hence, these articles that you buy need to follow the same scheme as other objects and furniture used in the kitchen, bar, and in the rest of the home. For e.g., a rustic home that used wood and its varieties would benefit from rustic seating made with wood. Farm houses, log cabins, and barns pair well with these furniture made from reclaimed wood. Rustic often teams up well with the industrial style. As a result, stools made from wrought iron, and coated with a distress finish look stunningly beautiful in a rustic setting.
  • Bar stools are also about utility and functionality. These seats need to be comfortable enough for you to sit for long hours eating your favorite meal, or sipping your favorite drink. For this reason, these stools need to be of a size and height that complement the height of the bar or kitchen counter. The height of a regular kitchen counter measures about 36 inches. Stools with height between 24 and 26 inches are ideal for this setting. Taller counters, which measure higher than 48 inches, need stools between 34 and 36 inches in height. Matching the height of the rustic seating with the counter prevents awkward seating postures like leaning over and bending.
  • Rustic bar stools are available in different styles. The basic version comes with just the legs, and lacks a back or arm rest. These minimalistic designs are great when you have limited space or want to keep your interiors simple yet sophisticated. However, for comfort needs, it becomes important to fit these stools with additional features. This is also dependent on the age and physical condition of its users. For e.g., stools used at kitchen counter benefit from back support, arm rests, an foot rests in case you have young children or aged people at home. These make it easier for them to get on to and off the chair, and to be seated for a while.
  • Yet another feature that adds to the comfort of rustic bar stools is the cushion. While many rustic stool designs come sans a cushion, this feature can make sitting for long hours a lot more convenient and less painful. Cushions on the stool can be made from a wide range of materials like leather, vinyl, and so on. Even tie-on, fabric cushions look extremely beautiful on simple, rustic bar stool designs.
  • Swing and swivel features on bar stools are a boon if you have space constraints. They make it easier for you to get on and off the chair, and are helpful when the stools themselves are heavy to move around. For children, this aspect also adds an element of fun.

How to get creative with bar stool design

There are endless options to make your bar stool look more interesting. Here are some of them.

  • Combine materials on the stools for a distinct feel. For e.g., a leather cushion brings in a vintage style, while a fabric cushion lends a homespun feel. A saddle styled seat is best for barn and typical rustic themes.
  • Think color to lend a quirky touch. Wooden stools when painted with bright colors, and topped with distressed finishes can elevate the appearance of your kitchen or bar manifold.
  • Use reclaimed wood. Salvaged or old wood has a unique ability to cast an unassuming spell in interiors, more than any other material. Look for wood sourced from old cabins, barges etc. to create something distinctive.

Bar stools, like any other piece of rustic furniture, has the ability to bring a village like charm to your homes. These simple articles are also capable of lending a sophisticated appearance with their bare minimal designs and features.

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