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Stand Up Office Desk – How to Purchase the One That is Right for You

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Standing desks have become quite popular among working professionals. These desks are not the normal ones that have a chair along, and people sit on the chair and use the desk. However, standing desks are higher than normal desks, and people either stand upright and then work on it or use a high chair or bar chair and use the desks.

Using standing desks has many advantages, let us discuss a few of them.

Improves body posture

Standing desks help in improving the body posture. In today’s scenario, because of excessive use of laptops and mobile phones, there has been a tendency of bad body postures. Standing desks would help to have a solution to this problem.

Health benefits

There are many health benefits of these desks. As we have already discussed the improvement in body postures, but standing desks have other health benefits as well. For instance, it burns more calories and helps in maintaining cholesterol and other health parameters. Standing position is always better than sitting for hours and working.

Avoid obesity and boosts metabolism

Standing desks and the standing position help in enhancing the metabolism of the body. A full day working while sitting on the chair increases obesity and belly fat. However, if a person spends an hour or two in a day working on a standing desk, it would help in maintaining body mass and avoid obesity.

Active, attentive and energetic

As per a survey conducted by Minneapolis in 2011, people are more energetic, active while working and are comparatively more attentive and focused on work. People using a chair while working for hours may feel less energetic and lethargic.

Features to be considered while buying a standing desk for yourself-

Single motor/dual motor desk.

With the technology advancements, there are new features in the standing desks as well. These days you can buy a standing desk with a single motor and dual motor as well. These electronic desks have many features like adjustment of the height, memory, anti-collision feature, etc.


While buying a standing desk for yourself, always look for this feature. A standing desk (electronic or manual) should have an option to adjust the height of the desk as per the person’s comfort. Manual standing desks also have this feature of adjusting the height of the desk. This would enable to adjust the height as per their comfort, and also the user can use it while standing or sitting.

Memory and anti-collision feature

If you want to buy the standing desks with the latest technology, you can consider buying an electronic desk that has features like anti-collision, memory, etc. An anti-collision feature doesn’t let the desk collide/crash with any other object while changing the height. The memory feature on the desk is very helpful. A user can save the height required in the memory stick, and the saved height can be retrieved later.

Space for cables and wires.

While buying a standing desk, always look for a desk that has a proper compartment for cables and wires. If the compartment or any sections is not given for the cables and wires, it might create a mess on the table while working on it.

Compact, less space occupancy

The standing desk should be bought after analyzing the space available for the same. However, if the desk is compact, it wouldn’t occupy much space.

The material of the desk

It is very important to know what material the desk is made of. The material should be strong and long-lasting. At times the material out of which the desk is made of is cheap and hence is not much durable and gets cracked or broken.

Better deals

Before buying the desks, look for better deals online. There are many options for standing desks on online shopping websites. Stand up office desks have many varieties, sizes, designs and other options like electronic/ manual stand up desks. You can choose an option as per your choice and can get a better deal.

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