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Tips for Selecting the Best Stand Up Desks for Your Office

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Choosing the best stand up desks can be a bit challenging. There are so many options out there that one can easily get confused which one to choose. So today we will look at the six tips for selecting the best stand up desks for your office.

Choose a height-adjustable standing desk

Stand up desks are mainly of two types. First is fixed standing desk, and second is an adjustable standing desk. The fixed standing desk has a fixed height. You cannot adjust the height of the desk. It is ideal for a home workplace or when only one person has to use the desk.

On the other hand, an adjustable standing desk or sit-stand desk allows you to change the elevation of the desk. You can easily switch from sitting to standing. Also, you can set the height of the desk at four pre-set elevations. This feature makes height adjustable standing desks ideal for office use. Because many people are going to use a desk, they can adjust the height of the desk as per their requirement.

Look for a desk with durable hardware

Stand up desks are designed to handle the weight far more than what you are going to put on it to ensure the safety. Look for a desk with durable hardware that can easily handle the weight of equipment. And you know some employees love leaning on the desk, make sure your stand up desk must be strong enough to deal with that as well. Look for a desk that can easily hold 150 lbs to 300 lbs of weight. This allows you to load up your standing desk with one, two, or three desktops without worrying about damaging it.

Check the noise created by the moving mechanism

It is very important to choose a stand-up desk which does not make a lot of noise when adjusting the elevation of a desk. Modern height adjustable standing desk uses an electric motor to adjust the elevation of a desk. Some models are louder than others. If your desk creates a lot of noise, then it is of no use. Look for a stand-up desk that does not create noise more than 40 dB. Any stand up desk that creates noise below than this level works great for the office. It is almost silent.

Look for stand up desk with a broader height range

This is another important decision that you have to make. As the standing desk is used by different people, you do not know how tall or short user will be. Therefore, you need a stand-up desk with a large range so the majority of employees can use it. An optimal range of standing desk is usually 23’’ to 50’’.

Choose premium quality desk tops

Looks and quality of desk’s top become even more important when it comes to selecting stand-up desks for office because infrastructure and hardware have a huge impact on the environment in the office. You do not want to purchase something that does not blend into your office theme. Choose standard colors such as white, gray, or black for your desk’s top. Invest in premium quality tops. Industrial grade particle board makes an ideal material for the surface. If you have some great ideas storming in your head, you can custom design your desk’s top as well.

Check the warranty of stand up desk

Last but not least; purchase standing desks that are at least covered by five-year warranty. As your height adjustable standing desk has motion control technology, there are chances that you may face issues with it. More importantly, when you purchase office hardware, it is always advised to get it covered with warranty because different people use hardware in different ways. Some workers use it pretty carefully while some do not mind abusing it. So, a warranty provides you with extra protection.

So these are the six tips which you can follow to select the best stand up desk for your office.

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