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Why Go for Sit Stand Desks?

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Modern-day offices in San Jose are much more than workstations that house computers, a desk, and a chair along with office supplies. Workplaces include a lot more facilities that take into consideration the human needs for recreation and enjoyment while ensuring that all these benefits contribute to increased work satisfaction and in turn, better productivity. This need has given rise to a whole range of ergonomic workstations that improve health. One such invention is the sit stand desks San Jose found commonly in many San Jose offices. These convertible workstations may be used at sitting tables as well as the best standing desk as per the choice of the user. They combine the best of both worlds and let you alternate between the two positions in a few moments times. Here are a few reasons why such convertible workstations are good for you.

The workstations have a positive impact on your health

The typical workforce spends at least 8 hours every day, seated at the workstation while performing their job. Coupled with lack of good posture, long hours of sitting causes many troubles from simple pains and aches to complex work induced disorders that have a lifelong, debilitating impact on your health. When performing work in a seated manner, your fingers and hands may be working their way to glory, but the other parts of your body hardly receive any activity that keeps them in good shape. Also, sitting puts an enormous amount of pressure on your lower back, which when coupled with poor posture results in anything from minor discomfort to unbearable pain and stiffness in the back, shoulder, neck, and so on. It also results in weight gain and obesity due to reduced physical activity. To put it in simple words, sitting for long hours is simply uncomfortable and sit stand desks by encouraging you to make the switch. Coupled with timely reminders, they get you to unhook from your computer or mobile phone for a while and perform tasks in a different posture, helping relieve stress on the areas that bear the maximum brunt when seated.

They are easy to use

Sit-stand workstations may be of two kinds – a separate work table each for seated and standing work, or an adjustable table that can be configured as a seating desk or a standing worktable, using minimum effort. The separates are easy to switch from and are a cost-effective option when you do not want to invest in brand new ergonomic workstations. The convertibles are however more convenient to use and leave your workstation unperturbed when you switch from one format to another. Either way, these models provide you the comfort of seated work while letting your muscles flex up as you perform tasks in the standing pose.

They improve productivity

The standing position keeps your muscles more engaged and helps pump more blood to the brain, thus keeping you thinking fast and sharp.  Standing also helps release chemicals that keep your happy and feeling positive. It also brings down instances of pains and aches that result from long hours of seating. The standing position at works also removes lethargy and encourages you to move around freely, facilitating quick conversation among team members as well as all employees. Such interactions impact the team spirit and culture of any organization in a  positive way.

Advanced models have varied features

While basic sit to stand tables include height or width adjustable features for better customization and greater comfort, more advanced ones include automated desks with smart memory technology. Many people wonder why a table for a seated or standing posture needs such complex functionality, but here is the truth – workplaces that have people sharing ‘hot seats’ during the day or between shifts find it immensely useful when the desk remembers the preferences of each of its users.

The sit-stand model is recommended for a healthy and active work-life routine. However, it is important to exercise caution when using them, especially if you suffer from orthopedic disorders or other health conditions where prolonged standing may become a health concern.

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